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Deakin University - Melbourne

The Empower program has been designed and developed by field experts at Deakin University. As well as Deakin's extensive research on women's wellness, focus groups of Fernwood members and staff contributed to the creation of Empower.


Dr Subhadra Evans
School of Psychology, Deakin University
Subhadra is a Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology with specialist research training from the National Institutes of Health on using mind-body interventions, including yoga and meditation, in clinical health research. She undertook this training while working in the Paediatric Pain Program at UCLA. Subhadra's current research examines the use of mind-body medicine to treat a range of chronic conditions, including period pain, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, and parenting stress.


Dr Mandy O’Connor
School of Psychology, Deakin University
Mandy worked with Deakin University as a Research Fellow in the School of Psychology. She is an expert in intervention and program development using implementation science methodologies. Her research interests include women's health and wellbeing, parent-child relationships, children's health and early education and care. Mandy has worked collaboratively with industry partners, intermediary research organisations and multiple academic research centres.