Week 4

As humans, we have a fundamental need to feel a sense of purpose and direction as we go through life. The frame of what purpose and direction looks like for each of us is vastly different - some of us need to know the details to feel safe where as others are happy and fulfilled by having an indication.

Having a sense of belonging, a perception of autonomy in driving our life forward and seeing scope for opportunity, and setting meaningful goals is beneficial for positive mental health and overall wellbeing.

Having goals gives us focus and direction, a meaningful purpose and a sense of achievement once we reach them. Goals tend to be more attainable and we're motivated to work towards them if we have a positive emotional connection to them. This means that they match our values and desires, aligning with our most authentic self.

This week you will explore your values, those non-negotiables. We will also look at your goals and see if they match the criteria for effectiveness. If you don’t have any goals currently, now is the time to think about what you truly want and desire, and set some goals to fulfil your life with meaningful achievements. You may already be well on track with your goals and know your values through and though. If that's you, congratulations! You’re already a head of the game.

Your authentic self
If you are struggling to find direction or set goals, don't worry! We will workshop these in the group.

We will explore who your most authentic self is and what your most authentic life looks like (or at least aspects of it).

One way to start understanding who you are and what you truly desire is by having fun exploring your most ideal day. This activity is designed to allow you to drop all expectations and limitations you perceive or from your present situation.

If you stripped away anything that was holding you back, what would your ideal day look like? Better yet, what would your ideal life look like? If you are already there that's FANTASTIC! We look forward to hearing how you successfully manage to live your ideal life. Good luck with exploring your values and thinking about your goals.

'Own Time' activities

Refer to Your Empower Journal.

Your meditative practice

Your yoga poses